March 4, 2022


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LRA sets tax collection strategy

LRA sets tax collection strategy

LRA Public Relations Manager, Pheello Mphana

Story highlights

  • LRA has outlined its service delivery standards, which are seen as a guiding policy
  • Some challenges received from clients included turnaround times that are too long

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THE Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA)’s move from a cops’ and robbers’ approach to a client and service provider approach is making things easier for clients to comply with their tax obligations, according to the authority’s public relations manager, Pheello Mphana.

He told the media on Tuesday this week that since the introduction of the new strategy “Rea Aha” in 2018, the LRA had taken a major shift in the way it conducted its business.

“We have moved to a more relaxed service provider role through collaborative efforts with clients,” Mr Mphana said.

“It is our responsibility to make things easier for our clients. Our belief is that everybody wants to do the right thing and comply. We are no longer using enforcement strategies like it used to be in the past and it is not that people need to be pushed in order to comply.”

With the objective to improve assessment, collection and remittance of taxes to government, Mr Mphana said the tax authority would make sure clients felt free do business with them, acknowledging it would however take longer to achieve that goal.

He said the LRA had since outlined its service delivery standards, which were seen as a guiding policy and commitment to improved service to clients.

Modernising, digitising and empowering clients’ interaction using platforms that are faster and convenient are expected to improve tax collection by the authority. 

Mphana said some of the challenges that were received from clients included turnaround times that were too long, delays in responding to queries and clients with similar issues being treated differently. 

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He said under its new service delivery standards, the LRA would address challenges including company registration, which would now be completed within 24 hours while inspections, interviews or pre-registration audits would be done within three days.

VAT registration will also be completed within 48 hours.

“We are going to improve services because we put clients at the heart of everything we do,” said Mr Mphana.

“If the service is good, everything else falls into place. Staff performance will also be reviewed based on these standards and that means consequence management will be applied if we fail to meet the standards.”

He said the aim of the revenue authority was aligned with building automatic compliance by harnessing strategic partnerships and developing business acumen.  


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