Oct. 26, 2021


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Summer cropping continues despite cold front

Summer cropping continues despite cold front

Maize and pumpkins grown in the mountains of Mantšonyane in Thaba-Tseka

Story highlights

    Farmers in lowlands still have a chance to replant their damaged crops
    Ministry is trying to address challenge of lack of vehicles to transport fertilisers

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INFORMATION Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Lereko Masupha says farmers should continue engaging in summer cropping despite the cold front that was experienced in recent weeks.

“We have received reports that some farmers who planted maize and pumpkin earlier were affected by early frost due to cold weather conditions,” he said.
However, Mr Masupha said farmers living in the lowlands still have a chance to replant such crops, encouraging those who have not engaged in summer cropping yet to do so before they run out of time.
He said most farmers engaged in summer cropping are now in great need of seeds and fertilisers.
The ministry, he also said faces the challenge of transporting fertilisers as only three trucks are used to ferry them from the supplier to the ministry.

“We are aware that most farmers from the districts end up coming to the ministry to get the fertilisers instead of buying them from other farmers who have contracts with the ministry.

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However, we are working tirelessly to address this challenge by ensuring that more trucks are available as demand remains high,” he said.
The Ministry was established with the aim of providing dynamic and pro-active leadership in participatory development and implementation of policies and programmes with farmers, provision of expert advisory agricultural services to the farming community and agro-businesses leading to sustainable agriculture for the achievement of food security. LeNA

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