Sept. 1, 2022


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AD readies for October polls

AD readies for October polls

AD leader, Montana Moleleki

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    Moleleki promises to develop economy through agriculture
    AD reveals candidates from Maseru constituencies

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LEADER of the Alliance of Democrats (AD), Monyane Moleleki has promised that his party will focus its attention on creation of wealth and employment for Basotho through diversifying key sectors such as agriculture.

Moleleki who is also the former Deputy Prime Minister in one of the past coalition governments was speaking on Sunday at the party’s rally, which was held in the Thaba-Bosiu constituency.

Among others, the former ruling partner (the AD) revealed its candidates from the 24 Maseru constituencies which it will contest in the upcoming general elections slated for October 7.

Moleleki told the rally that upon winning the forthcoming elections, AD would help develop the economy of Lesotho by improving agriculture and stamping out corruption.

This, he said, would be achieved through creating employment for everybody, irrespective of their political inclination.

“The issue of nepotism which has been used in securing jobs in this country will be attended to, every Mosotho has equal rights despite their political interests,” he said, adding that the AD fully supported the issue of foreign nationals contesting the general elections as long as they held the country's citizenship.

He further urged the nation not to be over-stepped by such individuals, but to remain outstanding at all times.

This, he raised after a Chinese national and businessman, Jason Shao, who resides in Ha Thetsane, Maseru recently formed a political party and underscored his intentions to contest in the October elections as an independent candidate.  
Among other issues, he said the AD would focus address issues of equal trade to give the country room to produce more in order to avoid too much importation of goods especially in the agricultural sector.
Moleleki’s sentiments were shared by the party’s deputy leader, Professor Ntoi Rapapa who told the same rally that the development of the country’s economy was on top on their list of objectives.

He further showed that the improvement of the country's security agencies was also on the cards as per the party's manifesto for the 2022 elections.

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If elected into government, Prof Rapapa said, the AD would also focus on improving culture-related matters as well as the development of sports in general.
He said the party would also work on ensuring that shares were equally allocated in major projects and contracts which the country entered into, making an example of contracts signed in the mining industry.
The AD is a splinter party from the Democratic Congress (DC) which was then led by former Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili.
The party made it into the list of over 60 political parties which will contest the forthcoming general elections. LeNA



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