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UNFPA restores dignity of vulnerable girls

The UNFPA representative to Lesotho, Dr Marc Derveeuw

May 26, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

THE UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund Country Representative Dr Marc Derveeuw says dignity kits are designed to help and restore the dignity of girls particularly in emergency situation, in order to assist them when they are in distress or when they are victims of particular disasters.

He was speaking at the handing over ceremony of dignity kits to the office of the Prime Minister that was held on May 20 in Maseru.

Dr Derveeuw said the kits were designed for local situations and victims of drought, specifically young girls in order to help them restore and preserve their dignity.

He noted that recently, they have seen how the COVID-19 situation put an additional burden on women and young girls in Lesotho, prompting the UNFPA to make the donation.

“It is therefore important to maintain their dignity in order to ensure the decision-making of women at the community and family levels.”

Receiving the kits on behalf of the government, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s office, Kemiso Mosenene said preserving dignity is essential to maintaining self-esteem and confidence which is of utmost importance to coping during stressful and potentially overwhelming humanitarian situations.

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He also noted that supporting women’s self-esteem and confidence also assists them in providing care and protection to their children, adding it is of great importance to mention that the dignity kits will help girls in ensuring that their concentration and confidence at school are improved.

“As a result of a natural stage girls face on a monthly basis, vulnerable girls are hit the hardest as they lack the necessary kits to use during that natural period and in most cases they do not attend school properly or concentrate in class due to discomfort they suffer,” the minister further noted.  

It was indicated that the kits would be delivered to the most vulnerable girls in schools to ensure that they are both healthy and clean while also maintaining their dignity.






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