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COVID-19 a blow to film festival – organisers

Aubrey Silinyana - the Senior Project Manager of the Film Sector Ground-breakers (FSG) Lesotho

Nov. 30, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

ORGANISERS of the King Moshoeshoe Film Festival which was scheduled for March before it was postponed to August, but never saw the light of day, say the COVID-19 pandemic has been a devastating blow to the event and the entire entertainment industry.

Aubrey Silinyana - the Senior Project Manager of the Film Sector Ground-breakers (FSG) Lesotho which is responsible for the festival said due to the pandemic, they have rescheduled the festival again to a date yet to be announced.

“We are actually waiting for the pandemic to completely subside,” he said.
Mr Silinyana said international travel which has been suspended due to the pandemic is key to the festival as people from other countries in Africa normally attend the annual event.

With most borders closed and other countries considered high risk, he said this year’s edition of the show cannot take off.

The festival, he said is not only about entertainment as it also focuses on the film industry development.

He therefore said there is an on-going incubation programme, adding that they are also setting up co-productions with other countries for films to be produced.

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He said they are also partnering with some top local and international actors in the incubation programme.
As part of preparations for the festival, FSG is currently engaged in various projects such as the Emerging Filmmakers Incubation Programme and Schools Film Programme in Maseru, Leribe and Thaba-Tseka to mention a few.
The festival which is part of the commemoration of the Moshoeshoe’s Day celebrated on March 11 is expected to bring together 47 Basotho filmmakers, film students and arts practitioners.
Top actors, musicians and filmmakers from Lesotho, South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana are expected to converge at the festival.

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