Aug. 9, 2021


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Mountain biking is all about fun

Mountain biking is all about fun

The national mountain biking champion, Phetetso Monese

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MOUNTAIN biking is all about fun, pushing one's limits and enjoying beautiful places – whether riding alone, with close friends and family, or a group of new shredders, renowned mountain bike mechanic, Linda Siya says.

He notes that it is not usually hard to smile when riding on dirt, but every now and then, people need a little motivation to get out there and give new life to routine rides.

Siya who is also a competitive biker says the latest models of mountain bikes have a front suspension fork and a shock absorber in the rear as well.

These, he says are magical inventions that make big bumps nearly disappear as a rider rolls over them.

“But they only work if you have them set to their active positions,” he says.

“As a beginner, one can take a little time learning the finer nuances of setting the sag, how much travel you use just sitting on the bike and rebound, but take a moment to know how to lock out and or open up the suspension, so you do not accidentally roll out onto a crazy technical trail with a fully rigid bike.

“Because of the rugged nature of our terrain, mechanicals tend to happen more off road than they do on the pavement. Tubeless tire technology has helped minimise—but not eliminate—flats,” Siya also says.

He notes that the muscles used in mountain biking provide riders with a total body workout.

“Leg muscles are obviously getting a good workout but the arms and back muscles are also being worked.

Mountain biking is all about fun

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Mountain biking is all about fun

“Not only external body parts, but inner organs which have a large muscle are also getting a good workout. It is not just the muscles that are getting a workout, but your brain and lungs benefit too,” he says.

He shows that mountain biking offers much more than physical benefits, adding that those who ride regularly do not take long to notice that there are also psychological benefits that can be noticed after a short while.

“While mountain biking, the mind becomes clearer, stress level falls. At night, the biker normally falls into a naturally deep sleep that completely clears their stress levels.

“Stress reduces the quality of sleep and in turn, decreases the ability to handle stress.

“After a good ride, you will find your mind feeling less burdened and more relaxed. With regular riding, your sleep will become more regular and sound,” Siya also says.

He adds that there are a few exercise routines that can improve all aspects of the human body like mountain biking.



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