Nov. 30, 2021


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Accused soldiers plead not guilty to Mafeteng killings

Accused soldiers plead not guilty to Mafeteng killings

The High Court of Lesotho

Story highlights

    A new judge has taken over the case after Motswana judge resigned
    Witnesses submitted statements that identified the bodies of the three dead men

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FIVE members of the Lesotho Defense Force (LDF) who are charged with the 2012 murder of three Mafeteng men on Monday pleaded not guilty to the killings.

Captain Litekanyo Nyakane along with Khauhelo Makoa, Sebilo Sebilo, Tšepo Tlhakeli and Thebe Tšepe told High Court judge, Justice Polo Banyane that they had nothing to do with the fatal shooting of Thabang Mosole, Monyane Matsie and Pakiso ‘Ntala’ Letatabe.

Justice Banyane took over the case after her predecessor, Justice Onkemetse Tshosa from Botswana resigned as the presiding judge.

Mosole, Matsie and Letatabe were allegedly shot dead during an incident that occurred on April 7, 2012 in Ha Motanyane, Mafeteng.

             The accused’s pleas were followed by the admission of three statements from three witnesses based on Section 273 of Criminal                  Procedure and Evidence Act No 9 of 1981.

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The first statement belonged to Matšeliso Matsie who identified the body of Matsie while the other two statements belonged to Moeketsi Tiheli who identified the bodies of Mosole and Letatabe.

The statements showed that the bodies were identified on April 10, 2012 at the Mafeteng Government Hospital mortuary before and after post-mortems were conducted. LeNA

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