Oct. 25, 2022


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Army only wants to settle Senekane pension

Army only wants to settle Senekane pension

Dismissed army officer, Private Mokitimi Senekane

Story highlights

    The dismissed soldier demands to be elevated to rank of Brigadier
    The army contents Senekane’s reinstatement is impractical

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AFTER months of mounting pressure from the High Court to reinstate the dismissed army Private Mokitimi Senekane, the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) has finally relented and agreed to settle through a well-paid out pension.

In the settlement proposed on Monday this week, the LDF informed High Court judge, Justice 'Mafelile Ralebese that it was impracticable to reinstate Senekane and promote him as he requested in his latest application.

Senekane who has been out of the force for well over 15 years has asked for a court order directing the commander, Lieutenant General Mojalefa Letsoela to regularise his promotion by elevating him to the rank of Brigadier effective from February 1, 2020.

The army instead only showed its keenness to pay the embattled soldier’s retirement benefits, adding that the settlement would help avoid untoward court processes.

When the court reconvenes on October 31, the judge will receive an update on the proposed settlement.

Notwithstanding the suggested deal, Senekane contends that he continues to suffer prejudice at the hands of uncooperative army officials.

Senekane was sacked from active army service in 2007 and has over the years challenged his dismissal, which he described as unlawful.

Finally, the High Court ruled in his favour and ordered his reinstatement, declaring his discharge unlawful.

The LDF instead challenged the decision in the Court of Appeal, but its appeal was consequently shot down in November 2021.

Army only wants to settle Senekane pension

Army boss, Lt Gen Mojalefa Letsoela

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Despite the two rulings by the High Court and Court of Appeal, the army refused to reinstate Senekane, hence, the latest application.

Among others, Senekane wants the court to order the commander to take all the necessary steps to ensure that he has full access to his workplace in the army.

Senekane is also asking for an order directing the army chief to pay him the aggregate of his arrear salaries and all benefits dating from January 2008 to date, with interest. LeNA

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