Oct. 2, 2021


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Four Bangladeshis nabbed en-route to Lesotho

Four Bangladeshis nabbed en-route to Lesotho

Minister of Home Affairs, Motlalentoa Letsosa

Story highlights

  • Foreigners forge invitation letters to enter the country
  • At least 3 illegal aliens arrested every week

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FOUR Bangladeshi men were on Friday arrested at the OR Tampo International Airport, in Gauteng as they attempted to board a flight to Lesotho using fraudulent travel documents.

This, after three Chinese nationals were apprehended at the MoshoeshoeI International Airport over a week ago, trying to enter Lesotho using forged documents.  

According to information from the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has become common practice for foreigners to forge letters inviting them into Lesotho in order to gain access into the country.
A statement from the ministry shows that Minister Motlalentoa Letsosa and his deputy, Maimane Maphathe, are working tirelessly to put in place robust controls to prevent unlawful entry of foreigners into Lesotho.
In an earlier interview, Mr Letsosa confirmed that the issue of foreigners entering the country on forged documents is so common that the ministry arrests between three and four foreigners a week.

“Since it takes time for cases to be heard in the courts of law, we have resorted to deporting these foreigners back to their native countries. Besides, even if we take them to court, they get bail and continue staying in the country illegally,” he said.

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He added: “Last year, we filed several cases in court against such people but to date the matters have not been heard.”

Mr Letsosa said the ministry has suspended the issuance of citizenship and indefinite residence permits because foreigners take such permits for their own reasons instead of what they are intended for.
“We also suspect that officials at the Moshoeshoe I International Airport play a part in the crime by somehow helping these foreigners to access fraudulent travel documents. LeNA

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