Jan. 18, 2022


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Katse Dam experiences spillage after decade

Katse Dam experiences spillage after decade

The Katse Dam overflows

Story highlights

    Overflow is a result of heavy recent rains
    Spillage occurred a day after the three-day release of water into downstream rivers

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THE Katse Dam on Monday reached 2 053.21 metres above sea level which is 100.37 percent maximum capacity, resulting in water spilling over the dam for the first time in over a decade.

The Lesotho Highlands Water Authority (LHDA), a multi-phased project to provide water to the Gauteng region of South Africa and generate hydro-electricity for Lesotho has announced that the overflow was a result of the heavy rains that the country was currently experiencing.

The spillage occurred a day after the three-day release of water into the rivers downstream, meant to relieve the dam.
According to a press release issued by LHDA last week, the three-day water relief ended on January 15.

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The authority said the water was released when the levels were at 2049.03 metres above sea level, which was reported as four metres before spillage.
The last time a similar spillage occurred at the multi-billion maloti dam was in 2011. LeNA

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