Aug. 27, 2021


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LCA shuts 357 FM down

LCA shuts 357 FM down

Basotho Action Party, Prof Nqosa Mahao

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LESOTHO Communications Authority (LCA) has shut down 357 FM after the radio station failed to respond to a show cause letter it was supposed to have answered within 24 hours.

The station was at war with leader of Basotho Action Party (BAP), Professor Nqosa Mahao over allegations made on a number of programmes on the radio about him without affording him a chance to give his side of the story.

The station Managing Director, Arthur Majara said he was not interested in LCA’s letter, adding that Prof Mahao was being given too much attention.

In the letter dated August 25, 2021, LCA reminded Majara that it received two complaints from Mahao against his radio station.

The letter shows that on June 15 and July 16, Mahao complainant about being unfairly attacked on air without being afforded an opportunity to reply or defend himself.
He therefore requested audio recordings of the two programmes from the station but was turned down, the letter also says.

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“On July 27, 2021, the Authority referred the complaint to the Broadcasting Dispute Resolution Panel (BDRP), for resolution. On August 10, both the complainant and the licensee (represented by Majara) appeared before the BDRP for hearing. The BDRP in its ruling directed the licensee to release the recordings of the following dates to the complainant: May 31, 2021 from 6am – 9am, July 2, 2021 from 6am – 9am and July from 6pm -9pm,” the communication reads.

It further states that the BDRP ordered the radio station to comply with the directive within 72 hours following the ruling, but to date, the station has failed to act in accordance with the order. LeNA


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