Sept. 18, 2021


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LEPOSA responds to Compol's 'mockery' memo

LEPOSA responds to Compol's 'mockery' memo

LEPOSA spokesman, Motlatsi Mofokeng

Story highlights

  • Police association dares police commissioner .
  • Mofokeng questions Molibeli’s competence as head of police

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BY ordering police officers to refrain from using social media platforms, the  Lesotho Police Staff Association (LEPOSA) says Police Commissioner Holomo Molibeli continues to prove his incompetence in office.

The memo issued by the Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) on September 10, says no officer can participate in any media platform except with the permission of the commissioner. 
Molibeli has ordered police officers to close all their WhatsApp groups, adding that they should also stay out of social media platforms that attack other people.  
According to the memo, the officers will have to request the Commissioner’s permission to either form or join social media groups.  
In its response LEPOSA through spokesman, Motlatsi Mofokeng on Tuesday retaliated by dubbing the Compol's memo a 'joke' that needs to be ignored.

He said LEPOSA was not familiar with any incidents of insults uttered on media platforms, targeting police management.  
“By the virtue of the laws that guide the police, it is not an offence if a junior officer refuses to execute an order he or she finds unconstitutional. 
“LEPOSA members are not going to join the Commissioner's circus show. We urge our members to ignore the memo and continue with their lives and duties as usual because we find the order to be not in accordance. It is in fact against our human rights.  
 “If he dares confronts any of us in this regard, he will then know what LEPOSA is capable of. We shall then take the matter to the courts of law,” Mofokeng warned Molibeli speaking to local media.  
He further showed that if Molibeli were a competent leader, he would have recognised the importance of social media by now, and would have suggested its use by his administration as another tool to fight crime.

LEPOSA responds to Compol's 'mockery' memo

Police Commissioner Holomo Molibeli

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He said social media speeds up dissemination of essential information necessary for the police to act swiftly in executing their duties.  
According to Mofokeng, the Compol has turned the police administration into a 'mickey mouse' organisation in that, 'instead of addressing serious issues faced by the institution, he is busy throwing jokes around'.  
“Currently, murder is rife in Lesotho and police officers are not spared but the Compol shows no interest in addressing the matter. He is busy with WhatsApp memos instead. For a long time we have been appealing to the heads of government to release him from duty but they didn't listen,” he said.  
LEPOSA has been pushing for the ouster of the Commissioner Molibeli for some time. 


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