Nov. 2, 2021


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Majoro bemoans climate change effects

Majoro bemoans climate change effects

Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro

Story highlights

  • Global temperature has increased by more than one degree Celsius since the pre-industrial period
  • The Prime Minister calls for financial assistance to fight climate change

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IN a move that seeks to fight climate change and its challenges, provision of up-scaled predictable financial resources by developed countries is key to Lesotho and the sustainability of her adaptation actions, Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro has said.

He said this on Monday during the 26th conference of parties to the United Nations (UN) framework convention on climate change that technology and capacity building support for adaptation actions at national and local levels in Lesotho are needed.

“Also the adaptation modalities, procedures and guidelines need to comprehensively include measures to address the social impacts of climate change. The financial commitments made so far will fall short of what the world needs to save itself from climate warming,” Dr Majoro said before other world leaders.

The event which commenced on Monday is expected to run until November 12 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Dr Majoro noted that sustainability of climate friendly actions in developing countries will depend on the literacy of future generations on climate change.

“As a result, strengthening scientific knowledge in a manner that informs climate services and support decision making is necessary for Lesotho,” he said.

Research centres, he added, should be strengthened and supported financially, technologically and technically.  

“Clearly we are not in a position to quarrel with scientific enquiry because their predictions have come to bear in our communities. We are disappointed that others feel we still have time, notwithstanding scientific conclusions that we must act now, decisively and ambitiously.

“For us developing countries, and Lesotho in particular, the present level of global warming should be ultimate cap on warming. Based on our anemic response to climate change so far, it is folly to experiment with and accept higher greenhouse concentrations,” he said.

The global temperature has increased by more than one degree Celsius since the pre-industrial period from technologies that have dangerously changed the ecosystem. 

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The impact is dire in that communities are now experiencing frequent flooding, planting seasons have shortened as rains have delayed, droughts are more frequent and blistering, warm temperature are more frequent.

Cold spells occur during summer seasons and roads, houses, fields, burial places all get washed away.

These changes have negatively impacted all facets of life including access to food, water, energy, health and education.

“But there are no fiscal resources in the country or from international funds for adaptation and restitution. National reserves have been depleted by responses to the COVID-19 pandemic while access to global climate finance mechanisms remain effectively shut,” Dr Majoro further bemoaned.







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