May 24, 2018

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‘Mama’ remembers herdboys … as chilly winter clocks in

‘Mama’ remembers herdboys … as chilly winter clocks in

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MOKHOTLONG – In a rare consideration to recognise herdboys as part of the vulnerable groups of society, 16 herdboys were over the moon after receiving 176 hybrid sheep from the First Lady through the Maesaiah Thabane Trust Fund (MTTF). In an effort to improve the lives of vulnerable members of the society, the ‘Maesaiah Thabane Trust Fund (MTTF), under the leadership of the First Lady presented 176 hybrid sheep to 16 herdboys of Mokhotlong in an event that earned her the name of ‘Mama’ – referring to the mother of the nation. Speaking at the event held at Mokhotlong Pitso Ground, Prime Minister Dr. Motsoahae Thabane said the idea to target herders with sheep was to ensure that every Mosotho's way of life has to improve regardless of location and level of education. Dr. Thabane said: “Livestock rearing is considered a treasure for almost everyone living in the highlands and that is why our country is so famous internationally for the quality of its wool and mohair.” He said offering of sheep to herders formed part of boosting their livelihoods to the point that they as well can promote stock improvement and economic growth within the district. Dr. Thabane warned stock thieves and urged Basotho to stand united against stock theft as it is a serious disease threatening livestock farming; and therefore, robbing the country of its wealth. When sharing her vision about herders, Mrs. Thabane said it had come to her attention that herders, as part of the society, were among those highly neglected, despite the fact that they contribute so much to economic growth by looking after livestock for farmers. “Through this initiative, the plan is to ensure that herders start their own life to an extend that they as well can be self-reliant and participate in breed improvement of their flock as they always do with their employers’ animals,” she said. She appealed to herders to continue to be passionate about livestock keeping as it is a source of life, and dissuaded them from being cheated of livestock rearing by those who might promise them money to keep them out of farming. Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Mr. Tšabang Lesoetsa from Mapholaneng said they were very thankful to be recognized with such important gifts that would improve their livelihoods. Mr. Lesoetsa indicated that for them to receive 11 sheep at once is a major boost to their lives as it could have otherwise taken them many years to receive 11 sheep as payment from their employers. The beneficiaries were drawn from four constituencies of Mokhotlong and each of them received 10 ewes and one ram. They were also presented with winter blankets. According to the office of the First Lady, a similar event of presenting sheep to herders is scheduled to take place in Semonkong and Thaba-Tseka. Lena


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