Oct. 27, 2021


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Man jailed 10 years for raping disabled girl

Man jailed 10 years for raping disabled girl

The High Court of Lesotho

Story highlights

    Convict claims he was driven by evil spirit
    Victim’s mother found the half-naked man in her house

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A 54-year-old Ha Matšaba man who was on Tuesday slapped with a 10-year jail sentence claims he was driven by evil spirit to sexually molest his neighbour’s 18-year old disabled daughter.

Pitso Nkakole told the Mafeteng Magistrate’s Court in mitigation that he had no idea what possessed him to attack the defenceless girl.

Evidence led in court shows that the victim who stays with her mother was on October 2, 2021 left alone at home by her mother who had attended a traditional feast in the village.
The court heard how Nkakole who was aware that the victim was alone at home sneaked into the house and ordered the girl to show him her buttocks.
He thereafter stripped her naked before repeatedly raping her.

Hours later, the girl’s mother returned home to find him still in the house half naked, with her nude daughter lying on the bed, the court was also told.


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Nkakole was later arrested and charged with rape before he was hauled in court.

Handing down the judgment, Senior Resident Magistrate Nkuebe Ramabele slammed the convict, saying he was an evil man who failed to protect a poor defenseless girl.

“You should go to jail for rehabilitation, so that in future you will be able to be a father to young children instead of molesting them,” Mr Ramabele said.
Advocate 'Mabohlokoa Ntšinyi represented the Crown in the matter. LeNA

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