Oct. 24, 2021


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Police ordered to buy smart city equipment in SA

Police ordered to buy smart city equipment in SA

Minister of Communications, Science and Technology, Sam Rapapa

Story highlights

  • Rapapa says equipment will help police better investigate crimes
  • Gear includes CCTV camera to be mounted main national roads and fingerprints database

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SAM Rapapa, the Minister of Communications, Science and Technology says Cabinet has resolved to allow the Ministry of Police and Public Safety to purchase engineering and smart city project equipment from South Africa.

He told a media briefing on Friday that the project will enable police to investigate as well as prevent crimes better than before.

Mr Rapapa who is also the Government Spokesperson said the gear among others, includes Close Circuit Television (CCTV) on main national roads where there are traffic lights (robots), as well as fingerprints database of crime suspects.
He said it is expected that the Ministry of Police will conduct a study on several service providers dealing with this kind of business and report its finding to Cabinet.

He said Cabinet has given the green-light for the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) Amendment Bill 2021, which is aimed among others at giving guidelines on LRA administration, more especially on the Minister of Finance's powers and roles, LRA's Board of Directors and to grant the authority more powers to undertake investigations in connection with corruption which could be perpetrated by staff.

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On another note, he said Cabinet has also resolved to welcome new ambassadors from the countries which have bilateral relations with Lesotho, including Greece, Ivory Coast, Angola and Germany. LeNA

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