Dec. 30, 2021


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Police warn liquor outlets operators to comply with Covid laws

Police warn liquor outlets operators to comply with Covid laws

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    Assaults, stabbings are some of the most common crimes reported during the holidays
    Investigations on the murder of a patron at a Sekamaneng bar on Xmas underway

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SUPERINTENDENT (Supt) Molefe Mafaufau, the Officer Commanding Mabote Police Station, has warned local liquor outlets owners to comply with COVID-19 regulations in a bid to combat crime during the holiday season.

He advised the operators to implement all the resolutions that were agreed upon during a meeting that was held with the police before the holidays on the way forward during the Christmas season.

“We are aware that those who did not attend the meeting are not complying, we recently received a report about a man who was stabbed to death at a liquor store in Sekamaneng and investigations into the matter are continuing,” Supt Mafaufau said.

He cited assaults, stabbings, shootings and family conflicts as the most common crimes that were reported at the station during the holidays.

He added: “Police are working with Community Policing Committees (CPCs) under the supervision of the Mabote Police to root out crime.”

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He said although the CPCs failed to erect a satellite post in Ha Tšiu, they are however, working day and night in neighbouring villages in order to assess the situation.
He urged members of the public to drink alcohol responsibly without contravening the law. LeNA

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