March 8, 2022


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Russian army getting more desperate says UK Minister

Russian army getting more desperate says UK Minister

UK's Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace

Story highlights

  • Ukrainian special forces reportedly destroying over 20 Russian helicopters on the ground
  • US defence officials have noted morale problems among invading troops

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UK’s Defence Secretary said the Russian military was getting “more desperate”, as problems with logistics and morale slowed its encirclement of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

“It’s not going particularly well for the Russians, it’s day 13 — [they’re] way off their timetable,” Ben Wallace told Sky News on Tuesday. “Probably the biggest single casualties so far in the war are Russian soldiers who have been let down by appalling leaders.

“We’ve seen the [military] column is still stuck north of Kyiv. There are reports overnight of Ukrainian special forces destroying over 20 Russian helicopters on the ground,” he added.

Despite Russian advances in the south, US defence officials have noted morale problems among invading troops, who continue to be stymied in the north.

“We can see the Russians are having real logistics problems...theyre getting more desperate...because theyre shelling more and more innocent people, said Wallace.

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“Russia has built itself a trap...the international community is uniting against them and now we see the devastation that they’re leaving behind,” he added.

Wallace said the Ministry of Defence would continue to back Ukraine and would offer the Home Office support to speed up the processing of visas for refugees. Financial Times


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