Nov. 3, 2022


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Stock theft worries police

Stock theft worries police

Police Spokesperson, S/Supt Mpiti Mopeli

Story highlights

    Hundreds of animals stolen per week across the country
    Police warn livestock owners to remain vigilant all the time

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POLICE Public Relations Officer, Senior Superintendent (S/Supt) Mpiti Mopeli says stock theft remains one of the biggest challenges that Lesotho faces in recent times.

He made these remarks in the police weekly reports at the Police Headquarters in Maseru on Tuesday.

S/Supt Mopeli reported that in the past week, a total of 15 cows, three horses, one donkey, 139, and 15 goats were stolen countrywide.
In routine operations that police held last week, he said they recovered five cows, 120 sheep, and one cow which were identified as stray.

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Some of the found sheep, he said were identified as stolen.

“It is important for livestock owners to always ensure the safety of their animals,” he warned.

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