Oct. 25, 2021


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Maputsoe’s own Spiderman scales tall buildings

Maputsoe’s own Spiderman scales tall buildings

Spiderman jumps from the roof of a building

Story highlights

    The acrobatic youth knows no fear
    Spiderman is also a talented dance instructor with big plans

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THE picture of a skinny teenager in a master show of acrobatic athleticism as he scales a tall building with his bare hands has gone viral on social media platforms.

Motheolane Mahanya also known as “Spiderman" for his daring stunts, is a unique 19-year-old athlete from Maputsoe, Leribe.
This flexible and strong acrobat easily scrambles up a tall building by running towards it then he jumps onto the roof, gripping it with both hands while his feet push his weight up the wall like a spider. He does this with the speed of lightning.
Once on top of the roofing, he runs to the edge of the wall and with one hand on the edge of the wall, he lifts his body and leaves it suspended in the air for a moment, then jumps back to the ground or to another adjacent structure, moving like a monkey.  
On Saturday he took his show to a popular place called Kolberg Bottle Store and Carwash located in St Monica's outside Maputsoe. Everybody wondered as to the kind of training he underwent in order to perfect the incredibly tough and risky moves he made.

In appreciation of the youngster’s talent, some people donated cash while others bought him drinks perhaps in a bid to encourage him to show more of his aerial tricks.

He left the spectators completely stunned with one of his swagger acrobatic moves followed by a fancy somersault dance before casually walking off.

"It seems like doing a somersault move when standing still is no big deal to him," remarks one of the spectators, Lebona Makalo who clearly enjoyed the show.

"I was born hyperactive with extreme stamina. I don't count risks when I do a dangerous stunt because I'm fearless. I enjoy being the centre of attention, hence, the audience gives me the kicks," he says.  

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His friend Sipho Lesitha calls him "a self-pumping machine" for he has unique characters.

"One day I was left me astonished when he came home with a self-invented human robot that he mobilises with a remote control. It was a science project he did when he was a learner at Sacred Heart High School. He doesn't only react fast but is a sharp thinker too," tells Lesitha.

Mahanya who is also a rapper and a dance teacher is also a gymnastic instructor.

For the love of performing arts, he briefly shares that he is planning to organise an 'aggressive' dance competition for children living around Maputsoe.

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