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Lesotho off Road Association hosts annual race

Feb. 5, 2020 2 min read

MASERU - Over 160 riders will compete in the annual Off Road tournament - Race Cross Country Round 1 and Enduro Round 1 to be held in Ha Tlali, Maseru, from February 7 -8.

The race was established in 2019 in Thaba-Bosiu and features riders from both Lesotho and South Africa. It accommodates riders aged five and above participating in different categories depending on their age variation.

The event will commence on Friday morning with a 26km race known as ‘time trial’ which is meant to pave the way for the entire competition.

It is through this race that the competitors will be allocated their main race leaving times. The time trial race will begin in Ha Tlali then pass through Nkoeng to Ha Patrick before returning to Ha Tlali wherein the main 60km event will take off.

Only seven riders will represent Lesotho in the race while the rest will be South Africans.

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The public relations officer of the Lesotho Off-Road Association, Keketso Malebo, said this race serves as a development platform as young talent is spotted at the event.

Malebo said since the inception of the race a lot of people are now keener in the sport and more young riders are being recruited from there.

“It is, however, important for Basotho to attend the event in numbers so as to motivate and cheer up the local riders,” he also said.






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