Jan. 30, 2023


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Flour mills experiences surge in orders

Flour mills experiences surge in orders

Lesotho Flour Mills CEO, Joao Goncalves

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    The company welcomes the increased demand and is therefore maximising production capacity
    The renewed popularity of maize product is attributed to improvements implemented by new management

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Lesotho Flour Mills is experiencing a sudden surge in a backlog of orders fueled by a significant increase in demand for the company’s flagship product, Chai Super Maize Meal.

The country’s biggest miller believes that the renewed popularity of this product can be attributed to quality improvements implemented by the company’s recently appointed Operations Executive. 

“We would like to thank shoppers for making the “Product Choice” and purchasing locally produced brands like Chai Super Maize Meal. Showing support for local brands like ours helps to grow the national economy and uplift communities, it also supports the Basotho farmers that grow the quality maize that we buy for our products,” the Chief Executive Officer of Lesotho Flour Mills, Joao Goncalves said.

He said the company is doing everything possible to meet these wonderful orders and ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the great taste of Chai Super Maize Meal.

It is clear, the company said, that customers have also noticed the improvements and are experiencing their appreciation of the product by purchasing more Chai Super Maize Meal.

The company welcomes this increased demand and is, therefore, maximising production capacity to meet consumers' needs across the country.

“The mill and all Lesotho Flour Mills team are working at full capacity to fill all orders received,” the company said.

Management expects this to have been cleared within the next two weeks and further anticipates that the company will be entirely up to date in early February, if not sooner.

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Founded back in 1976, Lesotho Flour Mills remains the leading local manufacturer and distributor of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in the milling and sugar packaging areas. The company operates in four product categories of Maize Milling, Flour Milling, Feed Milling as well as Sugar Packaging.

In recent years, the company has been working hand in hand with local farmers who supply it with, among others, wheat and maize grain in exchange for cash.

Scores of local farmers have demonstrated appreciation and support towards the company in line with the said opportunities.





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