Nov. 17, 2021


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Likila Complex offers grandest shopping destination in Butha-Buthe

Likila Complex offers grandest shopping destination in Butha-Buthe

Mr Price store at the Likila Complex

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    The upmarket facility has modified the outlook and economic landscape of the town
    Satiated consumers from surrounding villages have dubbed the building Sun City of Butha-Buthe

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BUTHA-BUTHE – Likila Complex, a small upmarket building located in the relatively ill-designed semi-rural town of Butha-Buthe is by far the largest and grandest shopping destination that has altered the outlook and economic landscape of the northern district.

  • The multimillion maloti shopping centre owned by a group of Asian investors, and situated along the Main North 1 road to Mokhotlong opened its doors in 2020, welcoming an array of renowned local and international retailers.
    The glitzy complex contains a number of first-rate restaurants, several boutiques, financial service outlets and numerous beauty and hair salons.

Also included are franchise restaurants such as Debonaires Pizzeria and Mamma's Chicken, an up and coming local fast food outlet.

Other retail outlets renting business space at the plaza include Eye-care Optometrist, Wellness Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics; Herbalife, Animal clinic and Pharmacation; Arabian Electrics and fashion shops such as Boutique Elegant, Dressing Style, Bundles of Joy and Mabita Beauty Parlour; Penny Pencil Stationary Shop, JP Finance, Lite Sports Shop and the famous clothing store, Mr Price.
"The giant pizzeria - Debonaires, has brought a fresh breather and new lifestyle to the fast developing northern region town. The launch of the eatery in July added to a stream of exhilarating food servers in the district, including Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) which is located across the road," a shopper and Butha-Buthe resident, Mahlape 'Makong told Metro during a recent site visit.

Excited with the new establishment, local shoppers have dubbed Likila Building the “Sun City” of Butha-Buthe. The satiated consumers come from the surrounding villages of Ha Shepeseli, Tholo, Mokomane, Rakotoane, Laoti, Ha Pokane, Liphakoeng, Ha Maloi, Ha Ntlane, Koung, Mafika Lisiu (Ha Keletso), Ha Machenene, Phoku, Ha Seboche, Makhunoane, Ha Lehloara, Ha Kopialena and Qholaqhoe, which make the bulk of the lowlands of the district.

The town is also a shopping stop for mine workers who pass by on their way to Kao, Liqhobong, Letšeng and other diamond mines in the district and the neighbouring district of Mokhotlong.

The Butha-Buthe town also serves as a major local shopping destination for the residents of the mountainous district of Mokhotlong.

“There are lots of businesses operating in this town here but most cater for the lower income workers. Some middle and higher income workers with a different perception needed a shopping experience that would suit their demands and the Likila Shopping Centre came through as an ideal game changer. Both the upper and the lower levels of the structure boast of shops and service providers of high quality, making it a number one choice for customers who value quality. It has reduced traffic to businesses in neighbouring towns like Bethlehem in the Free State province of South Africa; a best move for boosting local tourism and economy. Likila Complex offers improved services to customers in more upmarket establishments which would further stimulate more economic investment,” says Desmond Luka, a regular shopper and director of a local logistics company.

"The stores are fresh. I would recommend the establishment to anybody to visit. It is a fully exciting experience. The shopping complex also prides itself on offering high quality cleanliness and top notch safety through its security personnel who are always on guard and maintainers who ensure shiny and clean floors, providing a soothing shopping experience,” adds Rakhomo Rakhomo of Likileng Village.

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Likila Complex offers grandest shopping destination in Butha-Buthe

The shopping centre from another angle

Most shopping centres receive the most volume of foot traffic in a day than any other commercial place and it is therefore imperative to ensure that they are regularly and thoroughly cleaned to keep deadly viruses and germs at bay.
“Effective cleaning of commercial places such as shopping malls and stores is crucial to creating a positive impression on clients who come to shop, dine, or spend leisure time.

“Customers are less likely to buy from a shop that is highly unhygienic and dirty. Therefore, to improve one’s customers’ shopping experience, it is essential to keep the mall as clean as possible," explains ’Mamosebetsi Mpeta, who operates a boutique at the shopping centre.

The complex also has a big parking lot that is user friendly and safe as it is under the careful watch of security personnel during business hours.

Adjacent to the building are smaller retail outlets that are occupied by micro-business owners who also bring a lot of business traffic to the complex.

Investor-partner at the shopping centre, Mr Mohamed (first name unknown) says they had received over 100 000 applications from potential tenants who wanted to rent space at the complex.

“Finalising an appropriate selection of tenants was not an easy task. We however, maintained that there should be a variety of businesses and service providers in the best interest of our customers," he says.

There are lots of tourist accommodation options available in the area and located a stone throw away from the facility, including guesthouses, self-catering units, hotels and resorts.

The district of Butha-Buthe was founded in 1884 and has a population of 110 000. It was named after the Butha-Buthe Mountain situated to the north of the town.


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