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Minister encourages small business development

Small business Minister Keketso Sello

Oct. 2, 2020 3 min read

3 min read

THE Minister of Small Business, Development, Cooperatives and Marketing Keketso Sello has urged the local business community to work hard towards developing its businesses through his ministry.

This, he said when addressing business owners from various sectors during a meeting that was held on Thursday in Hlotse, Leribe.

Mr Sello appealed to the entrepreneurs to show improvement in their endeavours, adding that remaining on the same level without any development is indeed demoralising.
It is high time the business community approached the ministry he noted, to among others discuss issues pertaining to business development and implementation.
“We are working hard in the ministry to ensure that we become independent so that some of the services which are being offered at the Ministry of Trade and Industry but which should in fact be offered here actually move to our ministry,” Mr Sello said.

In addition, he said they are working on amendments which will allow them to finally be independent like they wish.
He applauded staff at the ministry for working hard to ensure that all the business community’s basic needs are met efficiently and on time.

He ordered personnel under his command to utilise the media as much as they possibly can for proper and prompt communication on trade related matters.

Echoing similar sentiments, the ministry’s Principal Secretary Tankiso Phapano said it is important for the business people to register under local business associations in order to address their issues collectively.
He said there is a COVID-19 Relief Fund which will be disbursed to local businesses to address issues caused by the pandemic.

“The ministry will immediately start working on some of the issues that you have raised and make decisions on others soon,” Mr Phapano pledged.

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The business owners agreed that among others, they need to have a proper database that will enable them to know as to how much they should produce in their respective sectors in order to meet the market demands.  

They also said it is time the Tsikoane Market Centre in Leribe is completed and used to ensure that traders stop competing with street vendors.

It was agreed that the farmers need more slaughter houses for their chickens because while they produce a lot of chicken, they however, do not have enough market to sell their produce.

The business community also urged the ministry to frequently raid supermarkets owned by foreigners, especially the Chinese because they often sell forbidden or expired goods.

Among others, operators of hair salons requested permission to open schools for beauty and hair treatment.


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