Sept. 22, 2022


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Mobile filling stations on cards

Mobile filling stations on cards

Petroleum Fund CEO, Thato Mohasoa

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    The aim is to implement the project in underserviced parts of Lesotho
    Petroleum Fund personnel recently visited Zambia to learn about mobile fuel stations

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A delegation from the Petroleum Fund that went on a fact finding mission to Zambia regarding the mobile filling station initiative is back in Lesotho and shall map a way forward.

The team, which was led by the Petroleum Fund Chief Executive Officer, Thato Mohasoa left the country last week and returned on Monday.

Among others, the team held meetings with key stakeholders and designated operators of mobile filling stations in Zambia and visited other companies that are already in the industry.

The plan for Lesotho is to implement the programme particularly in the underserviced parts of the country.

“The team went on a fact finding mission to Zambia following the completion of a feasibility study on mobile filling stations. So, after the completion of the feasibility study we are supposed to kick start the implementation of the initiative. But before we even start with the rollout, it is only advisable to learn from those that are already in the industry,” Petroleum Fund Public Relations Officer, Rorisang Mahlo told Maseru Metro on Monday.

That, he said is the main reason the institution visited Zambia.

“Now that they are back, they will be able to share ideas and the best ways to go about introducing the initiative,” he added.

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The Petroleum Fund was established with the mandate to finance petroleum-related projects, to address the objectives of its enabling legislation which address, among others, the purchase of petroleum products in times of need and the improvement of petroleum products throughout the country. Essentially it is about ensuring that the users get the benefit so that they don’t feel the severity of these products.

Under its new strategic plan 2020-25, the fund outlines the importance of ensuring that petroleum products are available and equitably distributed throughout the country as well as ensuring wider access to petroleum products and related services to the end-users. It also seeks to create an enabling environment that will attract investment and financing at all levels of the downstream petroleum value chain.  


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