May 13, 2020


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Lesotho records first COVID-19 case

Lesotho records first COVID-19 case

Minister of Health Nkaku Kabi

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MASERU – Lesotho has recorded its first confirmed case of COVID -19 after a person said to be a traveller from outside the country tested positive to the coronavirus last week, the Ministry of Health has announced.

According to a press statement released by the ministry on Wednesday, on May 9, 81 tests for COVID-19 were conducted on travellers from South Africa and Saudi Arabia.
“On May 11, samples were shipped to NICD in the Republic of South Africa and results were obtained on May 12. Eighty people tested negative for COVID-19 while one tested positive,” the statement says.

The Ministry has in the statement undertook to continue carrying out active case finding through vigilant screening and testing all the suspected cases at all designated points of entry, health facilities and in the communities.

It pledged to continue monitoring those on home quarantine while also pleading with the public to calm down, be vigilant and maintain safety protocols to minimise the spread of the virus.

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It further urges the public to keep washing their hands with soap and running water, observing coughing and sneezing etiquette, following quarantine measures and adhering to set terms of the lock-down to reduce the possible spread of the disease.
The statement also shows that out of 597 specimens which have been sent for testing at NICD, 295 are negative while 301 are still pending.


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