June 16, 2023


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Medical cannabis manufacturer expands output capacity

Medical cannabis manufacturer expands output capacity

MG Health CEO, Andre Bothma

Story highlights

    Growth in global demand for pure medical cannabis sees Lesotho-based cultivator and manufacturer expand its production
    MG Health set to triple its production this year for growing international markets

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LICENSED cultivator and manufacturer of medical-grade cannabis extracts and products, MG Health is tripling its output capacity after a successful international funding round, raising $18 million in capital.

The funding was secured after the company began distributing into key developed markets in 2021.  

MG Health will expand its portfolio of medicinal cannabis strains and formulated extracts to meet the wider demand in key export markets including Germany, Australia, Poland and Israel.

Based high in the mountains of Lesotho, MG Health is one of a handful companies worldwide that have been confirmed as compliant with European Union (EU) good manufacturing practice (GMP) for medical cannabis, allowing it to export its medicinal cannabis flower and extracts as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) to pharmacies in the EU and select other markets.

“What makes our pharmaceutical grade product so unique and in demand is how pure it is. It is produced in the pristine environment of Lesotho, 2 000 metres above sea level, where the exceptionally clean air quality and our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to consistently produce a non-irradiated product that is on par with the highest quality in the world,” says MG Health’s Chief Executive Officer, Andre Bothma.

Since starting with research and development in 2018, MG Health has looked to incorporate the many lessons learnt over the last five years to optimise its production for the global medical cannabis market and further support its in country distribution partners.

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“Expanding our operations will not only increase our output but enable us to cultivate smaller batches at a higher frequency in order to react to changing conditions and provide a broader portfolio of curated genetics,” says Luke van der Nest, MG Health’s Director of Business Development. “It also helps that we have access to clean water and sufficient electricity and a business-friendly environment in Lesotho with a supportive regulatory framework.”

MG Health is supporting a large staffing compliment in a remote, undeveloped part of Lesotho that also contributes to numerous business opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

To date, the company has created close to 300 permanent jobs with the potential to significantly increase employment at full production. Most employees are from the surrounding communities, and many have been upskilled and trained with educational programmes. 

MG Health has executed numerous infrastructure projects for the benefit of the local villages. These include ablution, clean water supply and refuse collection facilities. –

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