May 30, 2022


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Sex, reproduction services need budget

Sex, reproduction services need budget

SAfAIDS' ’Mamofota Kale

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    MPs told of the importance of budgeting for promotion of rights
    State budget remains the most reliable single source of funding

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WITHOUT a budget, nothing can be achieved, no schools or hospitals can be built and no Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) service procured, says clerk of the National Assembly, King’s Counsel (KC) Lebohang Fine Maema.

He said all the commitments and promises made concerning SRHR required funding one way or the other.

“The state budget remains the most reliable single source of funding to conduct its sexual and reproductive health rights activities including promoting gender equality, preventing early and unintended pregnancies, helping children to remain in school,” KC Maema said.

He said the implementation of regional and international commitments under treaties or conventions, the advancement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Universal Health Coverage all had budgetary implications.

Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS) representative, ’Mamofota Kale said achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for sexual and health rights required informed budgeting that was aligned with universal objectives.

She told parliamentarians the importance of budgeting for the promotion of rights to improve sexual and reproductive health service delivery in the country.

Mrs Kale said SRHR was underpinned by human rights, political, financial and performance accountability, with inclusiveness and transparency at all levels of the health system.

“It will ensure that rights holder’ views and demands are captured and taken into account in planning and implementation,” she said. “Lack of resources to address adolescents’ needs, is one of the challenges that they are faced with, and needs to be taken care of, so that they get fair services.”

She said if any of these services were not budgeted for, no money catered for them, then it meant their health rights would be compromised.

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“Most of them do not have money to buy even medication they need, as majority of them are provided for by their parents,” said Mrs Kale.

Parliament is concerned that there is a need for the establishment of the fund to assist with issues surrounding SRHR, and that available resources be used appropriately.  

The session was organised by SAfAIDS to capacitating MPs to understand the means through which they could intervene through the budget to increasing budget allocation and interrogate SRHR budget usage.

MPs and committees have progressively advocated for adequate budget allocations on SRHR and HIV/AIDS related services.

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