Oct. 17, 2020


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Cop jailed for wife murder

Cop jailed for wife murder

Justice Moroke Mokhesi

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A MAFETENG cop who shot and killed his wife in cold blood with the assistance of his younger was on Thursday slapped with an 18-year jail-term after the High Court found him guilty of murder.

Police Constable Liboche Lesenya was not given a chance to pay fine.

His brother Tšoanelo was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for the role he played in the murder of his sister-in-law ’Mantai Lesenya on November 22, 2008 in Mazenod, Maseru.

In his submission, Advocate Motšei Tlali for the Crown told the court that Liboche never showed any remorse for his action, adding he instead frustrated the delivery of justice by encouraging Tšoanelo to abscond on numerous occasions.

But in mitigation, Liboche’s lawyer, Advocate Tšupane Maieane submitted that his remorseful client never missed a single hearing and cooperated with the Crown throughout the trial.

Similarly, Tšoanelo’s lawyer Adv Christopher Lephuthing showed that his client was misguided when he committed the crime at the age of 22, adding he even pleaded guilty to show his remorse.

But Adv Tlali said as a police officer, Liboche should have known better and not taken the law unto his own hands.

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“He set a bad precedence by misusing his official state issued weapon meant to protect the nation he serves,” he said, adding that he therefore deserved a severe punishment.

Handing down judgment, Justice Moroke Mokhesi said Liboche by attending his trial religiously and cooperating with the court was not necessarily a sign of showing remorse for his actions.

The murder he said was premeditated, adding that what aggravated matters was the fact that Liboche is a member of the disciplined forces who is entrusted to protect other people’s lives.

He said Tšoanelo was young when he committed the crime and was clearly under the influence of his older brother.

“There is evidence that he was hysterical after they shot the deceased and saw her bled, which indicates that he was still immature then,” Justice Mokhesi also said.

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