Nov. 21, 2022


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Govt steps up to rescue Lesotho citizens in Newcastle, SA

Govt steps up to rescue Lesotho citizens in Newcastle, SA

Minister of Information, Communications, Science, Technology and Innovation, Nthati Moorosi

Story highlights

    Basotho kicked out of jobs for lack of documentation
    Government fetches stranded citizens who do not have transport money

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THE Government of Lesotho has come to the rescue of Basotho living and working in Newcastle, South Africa by transporting them back into the country after they were forced out of work by authorities.

This was confirmed by the Minister of Information, Communications, Science, Technology, and Innovation, Nthati Moorosi, welcoming scores of the deported Lesotho nationals on Monday.

The government, she said sent over seven buses to Newcastle to collect stranded Lesotho citizens who could not afford transport fares back home after they lost their jobs.

The victims, she said were kicked out of their respective workplaces by their employers for various reasons.

Some, the minister said were sacked because they were not documented.  

Others, she said were caught and imprisoned by the SAPS for staying in the neighbouring country unlawfully.

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“Lesotho Government is currently working towards freeing Basotho who are imprisoned in South Africa,” she said, adding that some of them are not in good health condition, due to hunger.
Mahlape Koali-Phakoe from the Disaster Management Authority (DMA), said they are yet to collect some still remaining in SA. - LeNA

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