Dec. 21, 2021


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Katse Dam about to overflow

Katse Dam about to overflow

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    Multi-billion maloti dam is at 4 metres before spillage
    With current heavy rains, the likelihood of the dam filling to 100 percent is extremely high

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TENTE Tente, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA), a multi-billion maloti water transfer and hydropower project implemented by governments of Lesotho and South Africa, says the water level at the Katse Dam located in Thaba Tseka is reported to be at 2049.03 metres above sea level (about 90.8 percent), which is approximately 4 metres before spillage.

He said for the dam to be filled to capacity, it has to register 2053 metres above sea level, adding that the last time spillage occurred on the dam was over 10 years ago.
Mr Tente said the dam has been designed in a way that allows for control and therefore, overflow will not be harmful as the water would be directed to the right channels when spillage occurs.
He said with the current heavy rains, the likelihood of the dam filling to 100 percent is extremely high.
He said in 2019 the water level had gone as low as 2002 metres above sea level.


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The Katse Dam supplies the Gauteng province in South Africa with water, but during severe drought, Mr Tente said it was agreed that the LHDA would only release water to rivers to supply the Free State province and Lesotho.
Reports indicate that the Katse Dam overflowed from April 7-8 2011.

Mr Tente further showed that on the other hand, the Mohale Dam water level is currently over 50 percent. LeNA

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