Dec. 1, 2022


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Killer mum couldn’t afford to feed baby

Killer mum couldn’t afford to feed baby

The Maseru Children's Court

Story highlights

    Dead baby found down a toilet hole
    Convicted mother admits to killing her newly-born baby

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A Roma woman who murdered her newly born baby by dumping her into a pit toilet says she killed the child because she could not afford to raise her as she is unemployed.

’Majubere Lekhooa, 22, of Makhaleng is expected to spend the next two years behind bars if she fails to pay the M4 000 fine demanded by the Maseru Children’s Court.

She was sentenced on Tuesday this week after she pleaded guilty to charges of concealment of childbirth.

She was arrested by the Roma police after fellow villagers found the body of her newly-born baby in the pit latrine.

Before November 19 when the body was discovered, Lekhooa was overtly pregnant but she was a few days later seen as no longer pregnant, the evidence before the court shows.

The evidence further shows that children who were playing near the toilet saw a suspicious-looking plastic bundle in the toilet hole and they told their parents about it.  

Members of the village policing committee later retrieved from the toilet hole the body of a newly-born baby following investigations that ensued.

The dead child was wrapped in plastics, the evidence before the court further shows.

The incident was later reported to the area chief leading to Lekhooa’s eventual apprehension.

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She was taken to the St Joseph Hospital in Roma where medical examinations revealed that she was no longer pregnant as her uterus was now empty.

She was hauled before the Maseru Children’s Court on Tuesday where the prosecution proved that she did not lose her child through miscarriage.

Pleading for clemency after her conviction, Lekhooa admitted to killing her newly born baby because she could not afford to raise her as she is unemployed.

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