Nov. 3, 2022


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Mapesela pledges support to government

Mapesela pledges support to government

BPP leader, Tefo Mapesela

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    The BPP leader says he is only awaiting the court’s decision
    The BPP and UFC also stand to gain a seat per party

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LEADER of the Basotho Patriotic Party (BPP), Tefo Mapesela has pledged his support to the coalition government led by Sam Matekane of the Revolution for Democracy (RFP), saying as soon as he gets into parliament, he will vote with the coalition government.

The RFP has formed a coalition government with Monyane Moleleki’s Alliance of Democrats (AD) and the Movement for Economic Change (MEC) of Selibe Mochoboroane.

Mapesela was speaking in light of the matter in which the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) seeks to recalculate the Proportional Representative (PR) seats allocated to some parties that contested the October 7 general elections.

The trial was scheduled to take off last week Friday but had to be postponed to Friday this week as coincided with the inauguration of Matekane as the new Prime Minister.

This, after the IEC had earlier filed an urgent application seeking an order interdicting last week’s Parliament session.

The IEC also sought an order reviewing, correcting, and setting aside the allocation of some of the compensatory seats following the October 7 general elections.  

The IEC says it erroneously allocated 11 PR seats instead of 8 to the DC.

The electoral body also said it mistakenly allocated one seat to the AD.  

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Mapesela said as soon as the case was finalised on Friday and the gazette allocating a PR seat to his party was out, he would give his full support to the Matekane-led administration.

According to a recent IEC PR list released on October 21, the DC lost three seats as IEC does its recalculations.

The list further shows that the AD also lost one seat out of its five seats leaving the coalition partners including the RFP, AD, and MEC with a total of 64 seats.

The BNP gained one seat bringing its total number of seats to two.

The BPP and UFC also gained a seat per party. Metro/LeNA

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