Jan. 23, 2023


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Retrenched workers take Security Unlimited to court

Retrenched workers take Security Unlimited to court

Story highlights

    The 10 laid off employees complain that their retrenchment was not transparent
    The company says the security guards have a right to take their issue to court

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TEN members of top security company, Security Unlimited, who were retrenched last year after the outfit lost some of its most lucrative contracts are fighting for their jobs in the Labour Court.

The 10 are part of the 70 security guards who were laid off in December after the corporation lost some of its most paying deals with companies like Maluti Mountain Brewery (MMB), Lesotho Communication Authority (LCA), and the Queen ’Mamohato Memorial Hospital (QMMH).

The date of the hearing is yet to be set.

The security body’s Industrial Relations Officer, Sentle Selikane said the retrenchment was performance-based following consultation meetings that were held with the Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA) and Guard Representatives from October 3 -27, 2022.
“That method of retrenchment was suggested by the guards themselves and LEWA approved the suggestion. But a few days later, we received a letter of complaint from LEWA indicating that the guards were not happy, but it was too late,” he said, adding, however, that the retrenchment process was transparent.

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Shortly thereafter, he said, some of the retrenched workers started making threats to the company on social media before the 10 finally lodged their case in court.

“They are entitled to challenge the matter if they are not satisfied and we are not angry as they were excessing their right. Who knows, they might win the case and that will help them,” he said. - LeNA

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