Oct. 19, 2023


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SR leader in police custody

SR leader in police custody

Leader of SR, Adv Teboho Mojapela

Story highlights

    Police minister denies the politician’s arrest
    MPs and SR supporters demand to know why Mojapela is being detained

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LEADER of the Socialist Revolutionaries (SR) Advocate Teboho Mojapela, is being held by police in relation to a cache of weapons discovered on Wednesday in the possession of his bodyguards.

Clearly unhappy with Mojapela's detention, several MPs and SR members gathered late on Wednesday afternoon at the police headquarters gate to demand to know why he was being held in custody.

Mojapela's supporters were informed by police Special Operations Unit (SOU) personnel stationed at the PHQ gate that he was not under arrest and was merely assisting in the investigation into the origin of the weapons discovered in his cars.

There was no formal reaction from the police regarding the detention on Wednesday, despite attempts to get an explantion. 

On the same day, the Minister of Local Government, Chieftainship, Home Affairs, and Police, Lebona Lephema informed the National Assembly that, the Police Commissioner, Holomo Molibeli, sent him a report stating that Mojapela and his bodyguards were travelling in a convoy of six vehicles when the police discovered that his bodyguards were carrying heavy weapons earlier on Wednesday close to Hoohlo Primary School in Maseru.

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He informed the House that as a result, the SR Leader was taken to the PHQ to help the police with their inquiries on the arms.

Hence, the minister denied rumours that Mojapela had been arrested, emphasising that his detention had been strictly procedural.

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