Nov. 1, 2022


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Unpaid lawyers threaten to drop case

Unpaid lawyers threaten to drop case

Defense lawyer, Advocate Letuka Molati

Story highlights

    The defence and prosecution complain about their unsettled legal fees
    Judge postpones the matter to get feedback from the Chief Justice

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LAWYERS involved in the case in which a group of soldiers is accused of killing three men and dumping their bodies in the Mohale Dam have threatened to drop the case unless their legal fees are paid in full by the state.

This, after the prosecution had told the High Court on Monday that it was ready to proceed with the matter, adding that three witnesses were already on standby to testify.
But one of the defence lawyers, Advocate Napo Mafaesa told the court that they could not continue representing the accused soldiers unless their pro deo fees had been paid.

Adv Letuka Molati, also for the defence, said there was no commitment from the Registrar of the High Court, who promised to pay their fees.

In the same vein, the lead prosecutor in the trial, Senior Counsel Shaun Abrahams said his team had also not received its payments.

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He said he only received part of his fees from the services he rendered last year in the case.

SC Abrahams threatened to drop the case if his fees were not paid in full or if no commitment was made in that respect.

Justice Moroke Mokhesi consequently postponed the matter to Tuesday this week in order to get feedback from the Chief Justice on how to proceed with the issue. - LeNA

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