Jan. 16, 2023


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Zaly faces corruption charges

Zaly faces corruption charges

PS Trade, Industry, Business Development and Tourism, Nkululeko Zaly

Story highlights

    Matekane unhappy with Zaly’s explanation over her possession of certain documents
    The PS accused of breaking trust and confidence new govt had in her

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SACKED Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Business Development and Tourism, Nkululeko Zaly is suspected of being embroiled in corruption and some criminal activities.

A dismissal letter that she received last week shows that the DCEO seized certain documents from her possession, proofing that she had committed a crime.

The letter signed by Prime Minister Sam Matekane further shows that Zaly failed to give a satisfactory explanation for the possession of such documents.

“You will agree with me that as Principal Secretary, yours was a political appointment. It follows, therefore, that the working relationship between yourself and the person appointing you, the Prime Minister in this case is mainly based on utmost trust and confidence. The trust and confidence became even more important under the obtaining circumstances where the new government of which I am head, has just been installed.
“As you know. Whenever a new government comes in, it comes with new ideas and policies, that it wants to implement. The fight against corruption is at the top list of this new government’s priorities.
“In the past few days, information has been brought to my attention in my capacity as the Prime Minister that the DCEO seized certain documents from your possession evidencing a commission of a crime and that you failed to give a satisfactory explanation for your possession of those documents,” Matekane said in the letter.

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He added: “This has eroded all the trust and confidence I had in you as the PS and there is no way I can continue with you at the helm of the government ministry.”

 The letter also shows that the termination of the contract is without prejudice to Zaly’s three-month salary in lieu of notice.
Another PS who received marching orders last week is Lefu Manyokole from the Ministry of Local Government, Chieftainship, Home Affairs, and Police. – LeNA/Metro

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