Aug. 19, 2022


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All hail a local flyer!

All hail a local flyer!

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    Move welcomed as ideal to enhance tourism
    Tourism marked as potential boost towards Lesotho’s economy

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MOHAHLAULA Airline, a local company has announced plans to launch an airline route from Maseru to Johannesburg in the next year.

This is indeed good news.

The idea has to be hailed as a perfect move for Lesotho, particularly in line with tourism emancipation.

The tourism sector over the years has been marked as a potential boost towards the country’s economy. This has, unfortunately, not yielded any convincing results since there are little if any measures to help tourists reach our country.

With this hiccup there is very little tourism income collected.

As one of only two local companies holding an airline operating certificate (AOC), Mohahlaula will initially service the Maseru to Johannesburg route with plans to extend to other destinations in South Africa also in the not so distance future.

The operating certificate allows the company to apply and operate a fully-fledged local airline even out of Maseru.

This move is likely to boost tourism because a lot of people from around the world will have an alternative in terms of how they want to fly into the Mountain Kingdom.

It is a service desperately required by Lesotho as the country grows economically and tourism picks up after the pandemic.

Currently, SA Link is the only airline that currently serves the country via Moshoeshoe I International Airport.

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Compared to other transportation options, planes are a reliable method to get around.

In many cases, planes have a higher punctuality rate compared to other modes of transport.

That of course justifies a need for more alternative transportation options for tight up tourists in that regard.

The tourism industry currently employs about six percent of the country’s work force and Lesotho should take this opportunity to use the tourism sector as a primary driver in growing the economy.

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