Oct. 13, 2022


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RFP, MEC and AD have a lot to do to turn Lesotho’s fortunes around

RFP, MEC and AD have a lot to do to turn Lesotho’s fortunes around

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    Basotho have shown huge faith in Matekane as a leader
    Mochoboroane is a celebrated work horse with a strong vision on national issues

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THE newly signed alliance to form a coalition government between the Revolution for Prosperity (RFP), the Movement for Economic Change (MEC) as well as the Alliance of Democrats (AD) should focus more on uplifting the spirit of the nation through job creation and other economic emancipation projects.

The three partners, including leader of the pack, Sam Matekane along with Selibe Mochoboroane and Monyane Moleleki who have been entrusted by the majority of the electorates to shake up things and take the country forward, should thus fast-track exertions to bring hope that Lesotho and Basotho so desperately need right now.

On Tuesday, the new union was announced following the country’s general elections of last Friday.

The RFP won a total of 56 constituencies which ill-advisedly were not adequate to allow the six-month-old party to rule alone, hence, the Tuesday partnership.

Notwithstanding, the fact that the political rookie enjoys such a following garnered within such a short time is a clear indication of the unpretentious trust Basotho have in Matekane as a leader.

Such confidence can only be exalted through proper service delivery, job creation, and the absence of corruption in his imminent administration.

Matekane is the man entrusted to do all these. His partners in the merger, particularly the MEC’s Mochoboroane also a celebrated workhorse with a strong vision on national issues and matters of economic development.

The man from Thabana-Morena has to make his presence felt in the holy alliance if he still wants to be taken seriously.

Moleleki is not a pushover either, with a career spanning nearly three decades as a prominent Cabinet Minister and a former deputy Prime Minister.

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There is no reason why the three partners should not turn this country’s economy and fortunes around with their respective colourful CVs.

Of course, a lot of people are skeptical of Matekane’s lack of so-called political experience or exposure, contending that his being a successful industrialist does not literally translate into being a good political leader.

But that is a debate for another day because one may argue that most Lesotho political leaders are not necessarily political scientists or gurus. The fact that Matekane is already contemplating reducing expenditure through cutting government ministries says a lot about his business acumen and thinking proficiencies.

Apart from that, the fact that he is a globally well-known businessman could draw a lot of foreign investment his way and with his notable business aptitude, could steer Lesotho in the right direction to become a strong trading country in the region.

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