Nov. 7, 2021


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Concerned Basotho fight for better Lesotho

Concerned Basotho fight for better Lesotho

The National Assembly of Lesotho

Story highlights

  • The group wants MPS to be vetted before they enter parly
  • Members threaten to take matter to Constitutional Court if not addressed

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A representative of a group called Concerned Basotho, Phakiso Motaung says they are aware that several Members of Parliament (MPs) have criminal records.

He made the remarks on Friday during a press briefing that was held by the group in Maseru.

“As Basotho, we are concerned about the kind of laws such legislators make in our Parliament. We are worried that they will make laws that are not meant to punish law breakers as they are part of that group of people,” Mr Motaung said.
He therefore appealed to Parliament to amend laws so that people with criminal record do not become legislators.
He said MPs are expected to be honourable members of the society who will put the needs of the people first.

Speaking at the same event, another member of the group, Lepolesa Makutoane said the issue needs special attention as MPs with criminal record cannot be expected to oversee the use of government finances while they are on wrong side of the law themselves.
“This issue needs to be attended to urgently as the country is in the process of reforming its laws and the matter has to be dealt with before we go to the coming General Elections,” he said.

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Mr Makutoane called upon those in authority to attend to this initiative promptly in order to portray a good image to the international community so as to attract more investors and contribute towards the economic growth of Lesotho.

“It should be given the priority it deserves, failing which we intend to take the matter to the Constitutional Court where we believe justice will be served,” he said, further calling upon all Basotho to join them to ensure the success of the initiative for the betterment of Lesotho. LeNA

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