Nov. 7, 2021


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Making trout fashionable - Chef Selatsi

Making trout fashionable - Chef Selatsi

Grilled Trout fish

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    Plenty of varieties are able to stand up to intense heat and smoky flavour of the grill
    Local trout fillets are the easiest way to prepare your fish for the grill

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RECIPES for grilled fish are endless based on preparation method, seasonings, marinades and personal tastes, but that doesn’t mean every type of fish is good for the grill.

Certain fish are better left to the indoor chef and alternative cooking methods. Fish types like cod, tilapia and flounder may be too delicate to toss on the grill.

However, there are plenty of other varieties that are able to stand up to both the intense heat and smoky flavour of the grill, according to Maseru food expert, Chef Tanki Selatsi.
He shows that grilling trout makes a simple summertime dish, especially as this can be done just as easily on a barbecue.
Chef Selatsi says trout fillets which are also found in Lesotho waters, are the easiest way to prepare your fish for the grill.
The fish master from Masowe II, runs a small catering business from home. It specialises in grilled fish that is sold to local consumers. The fish can also be obtained raw through telephonic orders.
Getting down to the recipe, he says, "Just make sure to leave the skin on. Before you start preparing the trout, preheat your grill and then reduce the temperature to around 250 degrees. This is medium or medium-low on most gas grills.

"Coat the trout in cooking oil and season with salt, pepper and lemon juice to add taste. Once seasoned, place the trout directly on the grill with the skin side down."
Selatsi who is also a fisherman, goes on to explain that trout cooks quickly on the grill and is ready when the meat is white and flakey when tested with a fork.

"A lot of smaller trout does not need to be flipped to cook through. If you have large fillets that are not cooking through, make sure you flip it onto a piece of tin foil," he notes.
Lesotho’s clear, glassy rivers and beautiful mountains make it a hotspot for fishing activities. Fishing of Lesotho trout takes place in the still, freshwater rivers using the wading method, he says adding that when time allows, he spends days fishing in the Katse Dam -  located high in the Maluti Mountains on the Malibamatso River.

Metro has learnt that trout is most abundant in the Maluti Mountains during the spring season, starting September to October and in the autumn season, which is from late March through to the end of May.

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According to Lesotho Adventures, there are two main types of trout found in the freshwater bodies in Lesotho. They include the brown trout, also known as the Salmo trutta and the rainbow trout, otherwise known as the onchorycus mykiss.
Both types of fish were introduced to the country for recreational fishing purposes. However, as commercial aquaculture developed with time, they were exported to neighbouring countries as well as sold locally.

Lesotho Adventures says the fishing industry in the country has grown tremendously over the past few years following foreign support as well as investment from private sectors.

The country’s highland springs offer a favourable climate for the trout, it adds.

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