Oct. 16, 2021


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Fobane man sues police for M1million

Fobane man sues police for M1million

Commissioner of Police Holomo Molibeli

Story highlights

  • Police tortured him into admitting theft of cattle
  • The man claims he was beaten until he couldn’t walk

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LEJONE Mepha, a resident of Ha Ramohai, Fobane in Leribe who was arrested by the Peka police and allegedly tortured while in detention is suing the Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) for M1million in damages.

He is asking the High Court to order the Commissioner of Police, Holomo Molibeli to pay him M200 000 for unlawful arrest and detention, M200 000 for torture and assault while in detention, M200 000 for pain and suffering, M200 000 for being disrespected as well as M200 000 for past, present and future medical expenses.
Mepha is asking for interest on the said amounts at the rate of 18.5 percent per annum from issue of the summons to the date of payment.
According to the papers filed in court this week, sometime in June, Mepha was asked to report himself to the ’Mamathe police post where he was interrogated about some missing cattle belonging to Lejone Ramoea who is cited as the third defendant in the matter.

In spite of proclaiming his innocence, police however threatened to extract the truth about the missing animals from him by force.

In his court papers, he says he was later brutally assaulted and tortured until he could no longer walk unaided.

He says he was forced to implicate himself that not only did he steal the missing animals but that he also owned an unlicensed firearm.

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He says he was transferred from Ha ’Mamathe to the Berea Police Station where he was detained for a while in a holding cell.

The following day he was taken to the Peka police post where the beating continued.

Owing to the “merciless beating” he suffered at the hands of the Peka police, he says he ended up agreeing to know the whereabouts of the missing cattle.

He told the court that his arrest and detention were unlawful, adding that they violated his constitutional rights. LeNA

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