Nov. 8, 2022


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Teachers uninspired by new minister

Teachers uninspired by new minister

The new Minister of Education and Training, Professor Ntoi Rapapa

Story highlights

    The teachers accuse Rapapa of oppression
    Teachers’ body describes the minister is the ideal candidate for the role

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TEACHERS across the country have expressed their dissatisfaction over the reappointment of Professor Ntoi Rapapa as the new Minister of Education and Training, arguing that he failed to address their grievances before.

Before he was sworn in last week Friday as the new coalition government’s education minister, Rapapa held the same portfolio under the 4x4 government from April 2018.

During his time in office, the government of the day implemented the “No work no pay” policy for teachers who went on strike over a salary increase.

Teachers from different schools holding various positions contend that the government has dealt them a low blow by putting Rapapa in charge of the education ministry.

“As he did before, instead of addressing our grievances, he is going oppress us,” most of them agreed.

They begged the government to reconsider and hand over the ministry to another person who will be more considerate and better understanding.

But the Secretary General of the Lesotho Teachers Trade Union (LTTU), ’Mamoholana Folene said while the association is aware of the teachers’ concerns, she, however, considers Rapapa to be the ideal person to hold that position.

She said he is well conversant with education-related issues, especially the teachers’ grievances.

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“He is not new to the office, he knows the ins and outs of the ministry, therefore he is the best person to hold that position. I believe he will accordingly address the teachers’ issues,” she said.
Earlier in March, the teachers planned a nationwide strike which was, however, suspended to give way for deliberations between the government and one of the public servants’ associations.

This, after the government had failed to keep its side of the bargain in an agreement made in 2019 following an earlier suspension of the mass action. -  LeNA



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