June 28, 2021


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DC advocates for free movement

DC advocates for free movement

DC leader Mathibeli Mokhothu

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LEADER of Democratic Congress (DC) Mathibeli Mokhothu says his party advocates for free movement of people between Lesotho and South Africa.

He said the DC is part of negotiations that will see the two countries coming up with a lasting solution that will allow for free movement while at the same time fighting cross border crime.

Thousands of Basotho have been crying foul about cross border issues at different ports of entry, calling for free movement.

During his first official visit to South Africa last year, Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro together with Mokhothu, his deputy agreed that relations between the two countries have to be improved in areas that include trade and free movement of people.

At the time, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa said free movement of people between the two countries was not a far-fetched idea.

He said the two governments needed to come with a better way of allowing people to move without strictures that lead to time wasting and repatriation of citizens on both ends.    

On Sunday, during a political rally that was held at the ’Maliepetsane No. 51 constituency in Mafeteng, Mokhothu said his party is working on strengthening ties between the two countries, including the issue of free movement of people.

“We are working on relations between the two countries. We are going to work together to fight cross border crime as well as ensuring easier movement of people and goods,” Mokhothu told his supporters.

Among other things, the DC leader said his party has lined up a series of development projects that include road infrastructure within the same constituency which was won by the ABC in 2017 while the DC came second.

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Mokhothu said the road joining Ha Fraser, Lekhalong and Ha Ramabanta will be improved in three weeks’ time.

“At the moment, this road will remain gravel but further improvements will be done on it in 2022 after the general elections. We want to improve this road to link Mohale’s Hoek, Mafeteng and Maseru, but for us to do that, you should ensure that you chose us during elections so that we have enough power in parliament,” Mokhothu said.

He further promised that even the foot bridge that links Ha Motaba and Ha phafoli will also be improved.

He revealed that since joining the government last year, the DC has among others pushed for the payment of wool and mohair farmers who were owed their moneys since 2018 as well as allow farmers to sell their fibre anywhere they want.


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