May 17, 2022


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Factory workers tell Kabi to man up

Factory workers tell Kabi to man up

ABC leader, Nkaku Kabi (right) during the party rally in Maputsoe

Story highlights

    The workers demand M3 500 monthly
    Kabi calls for support of other ABC MPs

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SHOULD the party win another term in government, factory workers here have urged the All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader, Nkaku Kabi to improve their wages and put an end to recurring job cuts.

Workers’ representative 'Masebarane Sebarane told Kabi to increase the M2 020 minimum wage to M3 500 once he became Prime Minister.
"We are ABC loyalists who call on you our new leader to follow on Ntate Thabane's footsteps,” Sebarane told Kabi face to face during the ABC campaign rally last week Friday.

“When the ABC came into power five years ago, for the first time we saw a massive increase in factory workers' salaries and our livelihoods improved. However, the cost of living has kept rising while hundreds of us face retrenchment every day.
"We have instilled our hope in this party although it seems to have lost its momentum because of the endless infighting within its structures. It’s paining to see members defecting to other parties because of this instability.
"So to you we say it's either you pull up your socks Ntate Kabi or you might push yourself out if you are going to fail to effect the Kobotata manifesto, which fights hunger."

Sebarane said the workers wanted Member of Parliament (MP) for the Qeme Constituency to man up so as to fit in the shoes of the founder and retired ABC leader, Dr Motsoahae Thabane.
"We voted for Ntate Thabane and put him on a higher seat because we believed in him,” he said.

“In return, he showed appreciation by allocating us a sustainable minimum wage of M2 020. We now say it should be increased to M3 500 considering the soaring food prices. Ntate Thabane dug a foundation for the house that is now your responsibility to complete."

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MP for the Likhetlane Constituency, Lekhetho Mosito said Kabi was the rightful candidate to take the ABC to greater heights because “he leads by example".
Lobbying support for Kabi and the ABC, Mosito said voters should consider structural developments their new leader had made while he was the Minister of Health, such as securing millions of maloti for the funding of the reconstruction of the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital and pushing for the legalisation of marijuana trade in Lesotho.
Addressing the rally, Kabi said he was there to learn about multiple challenges faced by the factory workers and how best they could be addressed.
He has called for the support of several ABC executive committee members and MPs including Halebone Setšabi of Kolonyama, Prince Maliehe of Teyateyaneng, Habofanoe Lehana of Khafung, Litšoane Litšoane of Bela-Bela, Samonyane Ntsekele from Tsikoane) and Tšehlo Ramarou of Leribe, amongst others.



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